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Triple glazing suppliers for trade

As a fitter, you’ll be aware of the benefits double glazing offers, but do you recommend that your customers check out triple glazing as an alternative? You should, because it provides all the benefits of double glazing, with far more to boot!

High Spec Windows offers a wide range of triple glazed windows for trade that are reliable and long-lasting. The extra pane of glass in-between the standard panes offers extra protections against heat loss thanks to an added layer of insulation. Our wholesale triple glazed windows therefore keep even more heat where it belongs (inside your clients’ homes).

The benefits don’t stop there, either. Triple glazing also enhances security and reduces noise pollution.

With the best window selection to call on and countless years of experience, our team in Birmingham will help you deliver quality triple glazed windows to your clients. Contact us today for the best wholesale prices and advice.

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Triple glazing for trade in Birmingham and beyond

The third extra pane in our wholesale triple glazed windows adds an extra 50% of glass between your customer and the outside world, making their home safer and quieter. As their trusted fitter, this enables you to offer genuine, ultimate peace of mind.

Triple glazing doesn’t mean they have to forgo style, either. We have a fantastic array of both contemporary and traditional window frames in stock. No matter the project you’re asked to fulfil, you’ll find something that matches your customer’s home perfectly. Our expert surveyors are also on hand to make sure you get the perfect windows for the job.

Choosing triple glazed windows

As a supplier to trade, we know that choice is just as important as great trade prices when it comes to keeping customers happy. That’s why, along with a huge range of styles, we also offer a number of options for our triple glazed windows:

  • Energy ratings. Based on their U value, and SHGC, triple glazed windows should have an approximate U value of U-0.13 to U-0.18 along with an SHGC of 0.60 to 0.65.
  • Frame material. Choose from fibreglass (most popular), PVC, steel or aluminium.
  • We can supply windows with single seal spacers, warm edge spacers and premium super spacers for high energy efficiency.
  • Gas filling. The three panes of glass in our windows can be filled with either krypton or argon gas.

Why pick High Spec Windows?

If you’re looking for a triple glazed windows supplier, why should you choose us? With so many wholesale suppliers on the market, we’ve clearly got some convincing to do.

Aside from extremely competitive wholesale prices, you won’t find a more helpful, knowledgeable team than at High Spec. We know how important fair trade prices are, but we also understand that fitters need triple glazing suppliers on whom they can rely to offer honest advice that comes from years of experience.

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