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Everyone by now is aware of double glazing, and the benefits it can bring. So why is triple glazing necessary? Well, to put it simply, they can provide all of the benefits of double glazing, only enhanced even further! High Spec Windows & Conservatories Ltd produce reliable and long lasting triple glazed windows in Birmingham.

The extra pane of glass in between the standard two panes seen in double glazing provides extra protection against heat loss by providing an additional layer of insulation. Triple glazed windows can, therefore, keep even more heat trapped inside your house, where it should be. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Triple glazing also helps to reduce noise pollution and enhances security. The third extra pane means there is 50% more glass between you and the outside world, making your home quieter and safer. If that isn’t peace of mind, what is?

Triple Glazed Windows Birmingham at High Spec Windows
Triple Glazed Windows Birmingham at High Spec Windows

Stylish triple glazed windows Birmingham & Beyond

You won’t be missing out on style by going with triple glazing. You can still find a fantastic array of traditional and contemporary windows frame choices,in a variety of styles and finishes, in stock at High Spec windows. We’re positive you’ll find something that matches your home down to the ground. And our expert surveyors will be on hand to make sure you can get your new triple glazed windows exactly how you want them.
Triple Glazing Birmingham at High Spec Windows

Buy now to get triple glazing at an amazingly low price!

That’s right, if you order your triple glazed windows from High Spec Windows right now, you’ll be getting them at an amazingly low price, ask our team for offers. We’re offering up to 20%* discount to anyone who is looking into triple glazing,  you could be set to make a huge saving by getting your triple glazing done by High Spec windows. *Limited time offer – can be withdrawn at any time, so hurry.

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Choosing Your Triple Glazed Windows

Not all triple glazed windows are the same, which means they will all differ in how energy efficient and how robust they are.  If the energy efficiency of your windows is something that is important to you, it is important to think about what you choose to ensure that the windows will be more environmentally friendly in the long term.  Here are some things you should consider:

  • Energy ratings: triple glazed windows are usually rated based on their U value and SHGC.  A good triple glazed window should have an approximate U value of U-0.13 to U-0.18 along with an SHGC of 0.60 to 0.65.
  • Frame material:  the material you choose for the frame is very important. Firstly, triple glazed windows are much heavier than double glazed and the frame needs to be able to support this weight for years without warping.  Secondly, some materials are more energy efficient than others. PVC frames are another option for a frame material, however, they may sag over time.  Frames can be built using a steel or aluminium reinforcement, but this usually reduces the energy efficiency of the window.
  • Spacers: the most commonly used spacers are: single seal spacer, the cheapest option, this does not provide very good insulation. Warm edge spacer: provides good insulation from weather and temperature changes. Premium super spacer: made to resist UV light oxidation, it provides high energy efficiency and durability.
  • Gas filling:  triple glazed windows are three panes of glass with a space between each one, each of these spaces is filled with a gas, some are more energy efficient than others. The most common gases used to increase energy efficiency are Krypton and Argon. Argon is the cheaper of the two options, the density of Argon is heavier than air which creates good thermal efficiency.  Krypton is the more expensive choice, though it is a better insulator as it works by filling the small air gaps which makes is a much more effective insulator. Above all else, make sure you buy your windows and have them installed from and by a professional, this can have a massive impact on how energy efficient they are and how long they last.

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