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Residence 9 Windows Birmingham

19th Century Timber Window Designs With Modern Features and Benefits

HighSpec Windows are proud to offer not only modern, high-class windows to our costumers but also windows that will fit in period houses while still providing all of the modern benefits. HighSpec Windows are the leading providers of Residence 9 windows Birmingham and beyond.

The unique system of Residence 9 windows will delight everyone with love for 19th century period housing. People who still have old system windows know how cost ineffective these can be but finally Birmingham has a trusted Residence 9 windows supplier that will take care of your worries.

Residence 9 windows are the perfect substitute for 19th-century timber windows. Without losing the historic feel and traditional look these windows also offer a much more energy efficient and durable finish.

All the charm with none of the trouble. From inside of your home Residence 9 windows will have a beautiful classic home feel while the external surfaces are designed in a close proximity to an authentic timber aesthetic, recreating the luxurious 19th-century look.

19th Century Flush Sash Timber Window

Residence 9 Windows in Birmingham

19th Century Flush Sash Timber Window by Residence 9 Windows in Birmingham

We are proud to be the suppliers of Residence 9 Windows Birmingham and beyond. There are only very few other window brands that could stand next to Residence 9 windows when it comes to technical standards. Besides, the combination of design and technology makes them a homeowners’ favourite.

Another benefit of these windows is the minimal maintenance they require. From the moment they get installed, you won’t have to think much about them. All you have to do is give them the occasional wipe with a wet cloth and nothing more. No painting or staining is required which gives you time to do more of what really matters.

The system properties of Residence 9 windows:

  • Available double glazed and triple glazed units
  • U-value of 1.2 with double glazing
  • U-value of 0.8 with triple glazing

The properties of Residence 9 windows ensure high quality and efficiency that you can trust. Besides, these parameters are far ahead of the official British Building Regulation requirements. You can rest assured that during the summer your home will be nice and refreshing while in winter it will keep the warmth inside making it a cosy shelter from the dim winter evenings. And what is even more important Residence 9 windows will contribute to lowering your energy bills.

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    HighSpec Windows | Leading provider of Residence 9 Windows Birmingham

    Our Residence 9 Windows in Birmingham are specially designed to recreate 19th-century style windows, however, you do not necessarily need a historic house to install Residence 9 windows. These windows can give a nice touch to modern and historic properties alike.

    We offer a range of colours and frame designs of Residence 9 windows for you to choose from. What is more, you can even add unique detail to create your own bespoke designs. Whatever the requirements of your property Residence 9 windows with added features like Georgian Bar and butt hinges will make it a unique and bespoke fit.

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