So, you’ve decided to renovate your home. Awesome! But how do you know you can give your home the refurb it deserves?

This is a fair question; unless you’re a builder or have significant experience in renovating homes, you’re entering something of an unknown territory.

Get it wrong, and you could spend thousands on a poor project that ruins your home. Get it right, and you’ll give your home an awesome new lease of life.

Follow our tips below and your refurb will be exactly what you expect it to be – and more!

Spend lots of time on the planning phase

What do you want to achieve with the home refurbishment? A larger living room? Better kitchen? More space in the garden?

Whatever it is you need to do, plan it meticulously. The more comprehensively you plan, the more likely you are to refurb your home properly.

Stick to a strict schedule

Home refurbs typically go wrong when the schedule goes to pot, so make sure your project has a very strict schedule attached to it.

The best way to achieve this is to treat it like a work project. How do you ensure things get done in the office? You prioritise tasks, set deadlines, and work to a schedule – and you can do the same for your home.

List everything that needs to be done and by whom, and add a time frame next to each item. Make sure you share this with all of the trades you’re bringing into the project.

Always budget for the unexpected

Things will go wrong during your refurb. Sometimes it’ll be small stuff; other times, it will be a big deal. This is just part and parcel of work of this kind.

You can soften the blow when you have some cash reserves to cope with such unforeseen hurdles, so always include at least a 10% contingency fund in your budget, just in case.

For instance, you may not think you’ll need any electrical work, but what if a worker discovers a serious electrical problem while knocking down a wall? If you have cash set aside for it, you won’t be left with too much pain.

Beware of damp and check for rot

Depending on the age of the house and the condition in which it has been kept, you may come across damp and rot while renovating.

A bit like those unexpected problems, these are two things that are hard to plan for. However, it’s wise to keep these possibilities in mind if you don’t want to be caught out by unexpected problems with walls or ceilings.

Use the best trades

Always work with tradespeople you trust. Most people will have friends or family members who can recommend plasterers, electricians and carpenters, so lean on their recommendations.

There’s nothing worse than bringing in trades that you don’t fully trust. While they might do a good job, the risk is far too high when spending any significant amount of money on your home during a renovation project.

Wrapping up

It shouldn’t be too difficult to refurbish your home properly if you plan sensibly and carry out due diligence and thorough risk assessments to identify any potential obstacles. 

In other words, you just need to do the ground work (if you’ll excuse the pun).

Use our tips above to give your home a refurb it deserves, and give your family a brilliant new living space.