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Specialist of GRP Composite Doors in Birmingham

High Spec Windows is a specialist manufacturer of GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) faced composite doors in Birmingham with a huge variety of styles and designs. We have invested heavily in our bespoke manufacturing facility allowing us to become a leader in making GRP composite doors in Birmingham and beyond. We are proud to say that Birmingham isn’t home to a better manufacturer of thermoset fibreglass doors than High Spec Windows.

There are some basic features that make any GRP composite door what it is. The doors’ surface is made from impact-resistant fibreglass and is compression moulded to offer detailed panel definition and lifelike wood grain effect. It also has a CFC-free polyurethane foam core which provides very high sound and heat insulation, and the finished product will not expand, contract, bow, warp or twist. And these are just some of the benefits of our composite doors made in Birmingham.

GRP Composite Doors Birmingham at High Spec Windows
GRP Composite Doors Birmingham at High Spec Windows

First Impressions Last with Composite Doors from Birmingham

This has never been truer than in the case of a front door, and this is why GRP composite doors, Birmingham and beyond, have become the door of choice. Manufactured from thermoset GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester), the doors are compression moulded to give a high definition panel design with an authentic timber appearance which is unaffected by variations in temperature.
GRP Composite Doors Birmingham at High Spec Windows

Composite Doors Have a Better Thermal Efficiency Than Timber Doors!

GRP composite doors are a great way to increase the thermal efficiency of your home. The stiles and rails are composed of water resistant polymer which are bonded to the skin and filled with an insulating core of 100% CFC free polyurethane. This provides a thermal efficiency nine times that of a timber door. This is a door that is strong, stable, durable and secure and looks very good indeed!

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GRP Composite Doors Birmingham at High Spec Windows

Manufacturing system of High Spec composite doors in Birmingham

  • Woodgraining is indistinguishable from timber
  • Manufactured by a technically advanced and proven Sheet Mould Compound, Thermoset, process for the Glass Reinforced Polyester skins. AG provides impact resistance, thermal and UV stability, durability and easy maintenance
  • Pre-pigmented solid colours and three process painted finish woodstains
  • Choice of style options

The advanced glazing system, comprising a through coloured, snap together ABS cassette, matches both the skin and depression mouldings of the door. It is secure and attractive, with no unsightly plugs or screws.

The Advantages of GRP Composite Doors

GRP composite doors serve a bigger purpose than just looking nice, though they do this in abundance, they also provide homeowners with a range of benefits that you simply do not get with other types of doors. The massive benefits to installing GRP composite doors is one of the many reasons why these have become so popular recently, these advantages include:

  • They are not affected by temperature: GRP composite doors are not impacted upon what the temperature is like outside. Other door types can be impacted by temperature change quite a lot, it can cause them to shrink or swell and even warp as the heat levels move up and down.  This can make the affected door more difficult to open and close and if the door shrinks, it can cause drafts and allow heat to escape from inside the house, which can lead to an increase in energy bills. Doors that are affected by temperature change are often left weaker as a result of swelling/shrinking and especially when the door has proven difficult to open/close and has to be forced. GRP composite doors are unaffected by temperature completely, they do not shrink, swell or warp and so they do not suffer any structural impact, they remain durable and more energy efficient for longer.
  • They are more secure: when compared to other doors, GRP composite doors are highly secure and very difficult to break through and into the house. Wooden doors can be kicked and forced and eventually they will splinter, crack or completely cave in and uPVC doors are made from a number of panels which again could be forced. GRP composite doors are not made from panels, they are extremely strong and have a high resistance to attack.
  • Less on-going maintenance required: the appearance of most conventional doors will fade and look shabby over time, they may even need sanding down and re-painting if they start to look too bad. GRP composite doors on the other hand, need far less maintaining, they have a glossy skin which keeps the door looking newer for longer, they do not discolour or fade over time and if they do get dirty they can be easily cleaned and refreshed with a suitable cleaner and a sponge.

For these reasons, buying GRP composite doors in Birmingham is more than a purchase to improve the appearance of your home, it is an investment in a door that will last for years to come.

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