With autumn fast approaching, now is the perfect time to take stock of your home and give it a refresh. You don’t need to tear up the rule book and start again, either, because in this blog we’ve got some brilliantly simple home decor ideas that will give your home a new sense of purpose this autumn.

If there’s one thing this season offers in abundance, it’s inspiration, so let’s get cracking!

Opt for floral fabrics

There’s no getting away from the fact the weather begins to turn a little at this time of the year, which is why opting for floral fabrics and warm woodland motifs on both your walls and accessories is a great idea.

Bring the outside inside, with earthy tweeds, woollen blankets and natural or painted woods. Accessorise with bundled branches in jugs, and you’ll bring a wonderfully seasonal style to any room. Think texture and tone We’ve already mentioned tweed, but wool is also a great element of any autumnal home.

When deciding on textures and tones at this time of the year, opt for palettes that offer rich hues (i.e. deep reds and purples) and contrast them with ceramics.

Go natural

If you’re a fan of natural wood in your home, go for warm woods and contrast them with brightly colours walls, such as yellow, in order to accent the autumnal feel.

Close-up of autumn leaf - studo shot

You can go further by pressing leaves in frames to create homemade artwork that won’t cost you anything more than the frame itself and a stroll through the woods! Natural displays throughout the home will really add to the seasonal design and offer countless reminders of this wonderful time of year.

Make the most of your autumnal walk findings

Why not create a ‘nature table’ for your home?

A table set beside your front door or by the rear entrance can be used to create displays that will last the season and look fantastic during this time of the year. Fruits and foliage gathered while out walking during the autumn can be placed creatively on your nature table and changed as the season develops.

Mix styles, patterns and textures

Autumn features a wealth of colour and texture, and you can use Mother Nature’s finest work to inspire the decor of your living spaces.


A brilliantly autumnal feel can be generated by mixing antique ceramics with coarse textiles and rugged linen. You can even scatter autumn leaves that are just turning in colour onto your dining table to create an attractive accent.

Woodland motifs

A common yet undeniably great way to add an autumnal feel to any home is to pick fabrics and cushions that feature the colours and iconic elements of the season.

For instance, a cushion featuring a woodland motif, or old woollen blanket you might take on picnics will work brilliantly and can be mixed with classic gingham and jugs of branches gathered while exploring the great outdoors. Try and find accessories that feature warm accents and motifs that remind you of this time of year.

Wrapping up

The end of summer isn’t a time to feel sad – it’s a time of the year that gives us all the best excuse to make changes to our homes that will reinvigorate spaces and provide beautiful areas in which to relax and make the most of the stunning autumnal months.