Being a new homeowner is exciting and stressful in equal measure.

There’s so many things you want to do to your new space, and the thought of finally owning your own home constantly raises a smile, but you also know the heavy burden that now rests on your head.

This is something you need to protect, invest in and take care of, and as it’s probably the biggest purchase you’ve ever made, that’s quite a responsibility.

In this post, we aim to ease your worries and provide a clear path ahead with five things we think should be on your homeowner checklist!

1. Take some days off work

You’re not superhuman; there’s no way you can mix both moving into a new home with working a full week.

Most people will aim to take a few days off to both undertake the move and settle in once the heavy lifting is complete. In doing so, they have time to unpack, fix stuff, take phone calls, welcome friends to their new abode – and relax.

It might mean you have to miss a holiday this time around, but it really will be worth it.

2. Change your address and deal with utilities

You may be well ahead with this already, but if you’re yet to inform utility companies (gas, electricity, etc) of your new address, you’re in for a whole world of pain later down the line when the bills start piling through.

At the same time, make sure you create a list of every service and institution that requires your address and ensure they’re all informed of your new location.

It’s laborious but, again, completely worth the effort.

3. Change the locks

Amid the flurry of excitement, you’d be forgiven for neglecting this vital task, because so many people do.

Remember – unless you’re buying the house from a trusted friend or family member, you really don’t know all the people who lived there previously. Chances are they still have a key, and regardless of how much you’re willing to trust strangers, it’s safe to ensure the locks and keys are your own once moved in.

4. Give everything a thorough clean

If you’re lucky, the previous owners will have given the house a thorough clean themselves before moving out, but that’s unfortunately quite rare.

Regardless, you’ll want to make it feel like your own, and there’s nothing quite like a deep clean to make the place look like new and remove any remaining traces of its previous tenants.

If you don’t have time to do this yourself (or would simply prefer not to), call in the services of a professional cleaning company instead.

5. Throw a house warming party

Thought we’d suggest renovations and new furniture at this point? Unless you had nothing when you first moved in, of course, you’re going to want to make sure you have something to sleep on and a couch in the front room, but otherwise, it’s time to enjoy yourself a bit.

Buying a new home is quite an achievement, and you’ll probably have spent months working on the purchase and fretting about the progress of the chain, so why not take this opportunity to throw a little housewarming party, let your hair down and show off your new home?

Once you’ve cleared away the empty glasses and champagne corks, then you can make a start on the furniture!

Wrapping up

When you’re handed those keys, it might feel like all the stresses and strains of the house buying process are over, but in reality, you’ve still got a whole lot of work to undertake.

Thankfully, you have one thing on your side now, which is time. That’s something you can’t buy, and it’ll give you the opportunity to undertake each one of the checklist items above to the best of your ability and ensure you create a home that becomes your own little slice of heaven.